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About us

India’s first and only integrated food Cooperative, globally the first-ever collective-commerce portal, allows you to buy natural- wholesome food, health and beauty products- together as-a-group to get the best quality at lowest price – at your door-step. Aims to bring together the entire nation as an integrated consumer group enabled by next generation technology.

Value from Food Cooperatives

  • Healthy-wholesome food, and natural products for discerning buyers.
  • Carefully chosen suppliers of natural, quality foods & Organic food where-possible
  • Best quality at lowest prices through collective bargaining power.
  • Enabling a whole new set of entrepreneurs – from Apartment Associations to Homemakers.
  • Managing food inflation, promoting natural foods -- Fresh from farms… direct to consumers.
  • Demand-linked-planned production…local economy…Efficient logistics


Food Cooperatives are not new

There are hundreds across the world, all set-up as Consumer-Cooperatives helping consumers to buy food, leveraging the ‘collective bargaining power’.

The Power-users

  • Apartment-associations, Home-makers, or virtually anyone confident of pooling demand from an incrementally larger set of customers to buy their monthly ration together – in order to buy natural, better quality food at near source-prices.
  • Power-user – acts as the Franchise, Agent, and Distributor making a handsome profit on every sale that happens with-in the group.

Collating demand from consumers

Power-user – Collects & Collates demand from each house-hold on food-items they would like to buy – A month’s supply for Groceries, or a week’s supply for vegetables.

  • More Consumers come together & the more they buy, the more they gain – as they would get much better quality at much lower prices.
  • More consumers sign-on, and the more the consumers buy, the more commission accrues to Power-users.


The food (best available quality, at bulk prices) would be sourced & supplied to the address of the Power-users.

Power-user manages logistics

  • Sourcing food direct from farms & mills in FTL quantities would ensure – fresh food, best quality at reasonable prices.
  • Power-user receives, redistributes Groceries & Vegetables to each house-hold.

Power-user’s Commission

Power-user is paid a %’age of the business he generates as commission. Assuming the Power-user manages to sign-on 200 house-holds each of them generating a business of Rs 2000 on average every month, ward-captain is likely to make a commission of Rs 2-10 lakhs per annum depending on the volume.

A new generation of entrepreneurs

Vidence intends to build and train a whole new generation of Urban and semi-urban entrepreneur’s in starting and scaling a business from scratch, the education necessary for running a business.

  • Anyone including home-makers can become entrepreneurs with little or no investment.
  • Apartment-Associations can register to become power-user and can generate large profits for themselves while consumers just buy, what they anyway buy every month.